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July 13, 2012
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Robotic Feline Zero traveling compound through ventilation shafts.
Detecting voices.
Voices belong to Owner and Ally Abram.
Owner and Ally Abram are talking in laboratory.
Owner is looking over Project Carmen's data.  
Activating recording device for future use.

"Why do you keep chasing him?"

"He is a madman that must be stopped Abram. Don't know about you, but I'd hate to be a slave to a crazy person."

"You know what I mean Priscilla."

"No. I can't say that I do."

"You are chasing after him, not to save people, but because you love him. Don't deny it"
"Oh…no. I won't deny that I still love him, but I am not doing all this because of that. I am doing this to prevent the world from falling to a maniac. That is more important to me, okay? Now stop with the twenty questions and let's have a pizza party!"

Stopping recording.
Robotic Feline Zero has discovered a mouse in ventilation shafts.
Currently chasing intruder mouse.   
Attack mode activated.  
Lazer set to kill.
Aiming, firing.
Mouse eliminated.
Hiding body in mouth.
Regurgitate for Owner as sign of affection later.
Voice detected.
Voice belongs to Subject Kenji Keneko.
Subject Kenji is in room, writing in journal.
Activating recording device for future purposes.

"………...............................................................................................hello? Is…is someone there? Hello? Ha. I'm being silly. No one came in….but why do I get the feeling I am being watched right-Ah…AH! Get the hell out of here you creepy ass cat! Go away!"

Stopping recording at Subject Kenji's request.
Continuing to travel through ventilation shafts.
Engaging in feline antics with cloth found in ventilation shafts.
Feline antics halted at detection of voices.
Voices belong to  Subject Sae, Subject Pae and Ally Markos.
Subject Sae, Subject Pae and Subject Markos engaging in sexual activities.
All clothing are off.
Activating recording device for future purposes.

"Looks like I can cross off 'Get a blow job from two hot twins' off my bucket list."

"So tasty, isn't it Pae?"

"Don't hog Sae! I barely got to taste any, big mouth!"

"Shut up!"

"Now, now ladies. No fighting down there. Plenty of me to go around. Now…who was first?"

"Me! I am first!"

"She won the coin toss…"

"Aww, don't pout Pae. I am not gonna ignore you."

"AH! You know who I am! I am Pae!"

"Of course I know! I can tell the difference between you two no problem!"

"EEE! You really know us!"

"He is just the greatest Pae."

"Even daddy gets us mixed up! But not Markos!"

"He is so great."


New voice detected.
Analyzing. Voice belongs to Subject Nejireta.

"Ooh…We gotta go Markos."

"Dad will skin us if he sees us like this."

"No. No. If we just keep quiet…"

"Bye bye Markos."

"Maybe later Markos."


Stopping recording.
Continuing traveling ventilation shafts in search of more gifts for Owner.
Deceased mouse found.
Licking  in 3…2…1
Voice detected.
Voice belongs to Co-Owner Cici and Ally Deklan also known as 'Obsolete Technology' by co-owner.
Co-Owner Cici and Ally Deklan are located in hanger.
Activating recording device for future purposes.

"You emote all the time, lass. I can still teach you about them, but I'm just saying they aren't completely gone. Might be better for you to get back your ability to feel things. That helps with emoting. "


"Confusion is an emotion. You said you were confused when you kissed me, right?"


"…Uh…so. Tell me something lass. Ya feel anything when you kissed me?"


" Is that a yes?...a no? Why did you stop talking all of the sudden? You okay? Cici…?"


" I aint mad at you anymore if that is what you're thinking."


"Are you mad at me now? What did I do? I agreed to help you, so what's wrong? Why you frowning?"


"What are you looking at? What is up there that is so damn interesting?"

Co-Owner Cici has discovered me and is displeased.
Stopping recording.
Continuing to search for more intruder mice.
Search paused.
Licking genitals in 3…2…
Voices detected.
Voices belong to Subject Rosabella and Ally Blackbird.
Subject Rosabella's stress levels are high.
Rosabella now owes Owner's swear jar six hundred dollars.
Activating recording device for future purposes.

"Okay. Okay. OKAY! SO! Blackbird. What the fuck? Look. Looooooooooooook! What the fuck!? This! This bed! Do you see this bed!? Do you see what is not on this fucking bed?"

"…she's gone."

"Yeah! Yeah! I know she is gone! See…when we left…Carmen was right here. Laying right here. And now…now…look…Look. Do you see a Carmen on this bed? I don't!"

"…calm down."

"I see pillows, blankets, tubes. NO CARMEN! The half dead girl on the bed is not on the bed anymore!! Unless bringing people back to life means you can go invisible! What the FUCK!? Where is SHE!? She isn't supposed to be up!! WE LEFT FOR A SECOND!!"

"…blood pressure."

"DON'T TELL ME ABOUT MY BLOOD PRESSURE!! Carmen is freaking gone! Walking around…no…dragging around somewhere! We have to go find her before she fucks her body up!"

"…Calm down."


Stopping Recording.
New objective, find Project Carmen.
Voice detected fifty meters from here.
Voice belongs to Project Carmen.
Project Carmen stress levels are dangerously high.
Project Carmen is trying to escape by crawling.

"W-Where am I? A-Ah…s-someone…h-help me…G-Guass…"

Project Carmen is now unmoving.
Activating feline alarm to alert Owner and Allies.
Priscilla's robot cat Zero slinks around in the vent shaft recording various people in the base.
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